by Brenna Adkins September 15th, 2021

    We are thrilled to announce that MeetingsNet, a digital magazine and website dedicated to the meetings and incentives industry, has named Bishop-McCann to its 2021 CMI 25 list, which highlights the[...]  

    by Devin Carver September 13th, 2021

    If you think back to your childhood, you might remember the JOY and excitement you felt planning a party for your friends. From selecting the decorations and the goodie bags to choosing colors and[...]  

    by Amber Heintz , September 09th, 2021


    by Brenna Adkins , September 07th, 2021

                  Think about how much time you spend scrolling on social media platforms -- all of them. Don’t worry, we won’t judge; we just want to make a point. Even if it’s not you, someone you know[...]  

    by Brenna Adkins , August 30th, 2021

    If you’ve ever watched an award show, you may have been curious about what’s in those swag bags. And, when you go to big corporate events, you’re equally excited to see what’s being gifted. It’s no[...]  

    by Brenna Adkins , , , , August 23rd, 2021

    In the last two years, due predominantly to the pandemic, the adoption rate of new technology soared. Nearly every business experienced a digital transformation that ordinarily should have taken much[...]  

    by Devin Carver August 16th, 2021

    Asking for help is sometimes hard. It’s even harder when what we need assistance with has the potential to impact our career or career growth. And, when the task includes inviting colleagues,[...]  

    by Rameka Jennings , August 12th, 2021


    by Devin Carver August 09th, 2021

    Think back to the last corporate event you attended. What was the most memorable aspect? Some may say the venue and others the food. Maybe it was the breakout sessions or the swag. But if you don’t[...]  

    by Devin Carver August 02nd, 2021

    If you’ve ever hosted a party, even for a small group of people, you’re likely aware of how important event logistics can be. For example, if one stops to consider how important timing is when it[...]  

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