Pharma Event Management: Keeping Menus Compliant and On Budget

by Jennifer Bechan September 14th, 2023

From holidays to celebrations, sharing meals is one of the ways we connect. That makes them an essential part of any corporate event, and pharmaceutical meetings are no different, even if they can be[...]  

The Art of Hospitality with John O'Sullivan of Four Seasons

by John O'Sullivan , September 07th, 2023

Show Notes In this episode, our VP of Client Development and Marketing, Justin Myers, interviews our special guest, John O’Sullivan, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of the Four[...]  

Overcoming Airline Ticketing Challenges for Destination Events

by Devin Carver September 07th, 2023

When we think about travel, the destination is what typically comes to mind. We think about brightly lit cities, sandy beaches, good food, and an opportunity to unwind from our daily lives. We don’t[...]  

Accessibility Matters: Corporate Events and ADA Compliance

by Brenna Adkins , August 17th, 2023

When you’re setting event goals, your initial thoughts are likely related to the outcomes you’d like to see. But you can’t forget about the importance of the attendee experience. Of course,[...]  

No Cookies? Event Data in a Cookieless World

by Brenna Adkins August 10th, 2023

These days, you can’t navigate the web without pop-ups alerting you to a page’s use of cookies, asking for your consent, and allowing you to tailor what data can be collected. While that’s been a[...]  

Data Collection for Pharma Events: Understanding PhRMA and EFPIA

by Jennifer Bechan August 03rd, 2023

In the past, we’ve looked at data collection for event attendees to help event planners and pharmaceutical companies better understand how to improve meetings, but that’s only half the picture.[...]  

Top Challenges to Corporate Event Sourcing and How To Overcome Them

by Devin Carver , July 27th, 2023

For many people (like us), planning is the fun part. You have an event goal, and the rest is a blank canvas. As you start narrowing down what you want and need, event sourcing can be a challenge and[...]  

Engaging Remote Employees With Corporate Event Strategies

by Brenna Adkins , , July 20th, 2023

At the onset of work from home during COVID-19, many companies expressed concerns about drops in productivity. In most cases, those concerns never came to fruition, and workers continued to work[...]  

Six Ways to Collect Pharma Event Feedback and Data

by Jennifer Bechan July 13th, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry runs on many things, but data and feedback are among the most important. And while events are also a key component to moving new drugs and medications through development[...]  

Human-Centred Design for Events in the Age of AI

by Brenna Adkins , , July 06th, 2023

Think about your social media feed for a moment. How often do you remember what you see? This morning? Yesterday? Last week? Technology can be amazing when it helps us stay connected with friends and[...]  

Event Trends: Food and Beverage in 2023 and 2024

by Jaclyn Trainor , , , June 29th, 2023

Post a good meal on social media, and you’ll quickly realize exactly how important food and drinks are in our lives. You’ll notice comments accumulating because people want to know what you ate,[...]  

Five Conference Swag Bags Attendees Will Love

by Brenna Adkins , , , June 22nd, 2023

Attend just about any event, conference, or convention, and you’ll usually find the longest line at the table with the swag. But what do attendees hope they’ll find in that bag? To answer that[...]  

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