How Swag Bags Can Help Enhance Incentive Travel Programs

by Brenna Adkins , , November 22nd, 2023

When navigating the landscape of corporate culture, the power of appreciation extends beyond mere acknowledgment. One powerful tool in a company’s arsenal to show gratitude for a job well done is an[...]  

How Working With Event Planners Improves Incentive Travel

by Devin Carver , November 16th, 2023

In today’s demanding corporate climate, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of incentive travel programs as powerful tools to motivate and reward their employees. However,[...]  

Incentive Travel Index: What We've Learned About Incentive Travel This Year

by Justin Myers November 09th, 2023

The Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) recent research shows business travel is booming, which naturally means many organizations are investing in incentive travel programs. Incentive travel[...]  

Breakout Sessions to Boost Your Corporate Event

by Brenna Adkins , , November 02nd, 2023

We’ve all spent time in long meetings. Because we have, we recognize the feeling of losing focus and becoming disengaged – looking at our watches, checking devices, thinking about lunch, and just[...]  

How to Choose a Theme for Your Corporate Event

by Devin Carver October 26th, 2023

Event coordination is more than a set of tasks and more than a checklist. While those are necessary to ensure you have everything covered, getting bogged down in details can mean you miss the big[...]  

Celebrating Wins: Pharma Events Aren't All HCPs and Compliance

by Jennifer Bechan , , October 19th, 2023

If you’ve ever socialized with work colleagues, then you understand how difficult it can be to steer the conversation away from work projects or concerns and focus on the present moment. This is[...]  

Understanding and Incorporating Event Activations

by Brenna Adkins , , , October 12th, 2023

In the world of corporate events, creating memorable and impactful experiences is not just a trend – it’s a necessity. Activations, the ingenious blend of creativity and strategy, have emerged as the[...]  

Benefits of a Sponsorship Program for Your Corporate Event

by Devin Carver September 28th, 2023

You have an event coming up, and you have big plans. Not only do you have very specific event goals (because that’s the way all great events start), but you have a vision. More importantly, you have[...]  

Creative Networking Activities for Corporate Events

by Brenna Adkins September 21st, 2023

Time away from the office. Great food and drink. Informative sessions. Engaging off-site activities and entertainment. Inspirational speakers. There’s a lot for attendees to look forward to when it[...]  

Pharma Event Management: Keeping Menus Compliant and On Budget

by Jennifer Bechan September 14th, 2023

From holidays to celebrations, sharing meals is one of the ways we connect. That makes them an essential part of any corporate event, and pharmaceutical meetings are no different, even if they can be[...]  

The Art of Hospitality with John O'Sullivan of Four Seasons

by John O'Sullivan , September 07th, 2023

Show Notes In this episode, our VP of Client Development and Marketing, Justin Myers, interviews our special guest, John O’Sullivan, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of the Four[...]  

Overcoming Airline Ticketing Challenges for Destination Events

by Devin Carver September 07th, 2023

When we think about travel, the destination is what typically comes to mind. We think about brightly lit cities, sandy beaches, good food, and an opportunity to unwind from our daily lives. We don’t[...]  

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