Top Tips for a Pharmaceutical Product Launch Event

by Shelley Huez March 30th, 2023

When we hit milestones in life, they’re often accompanied by major celebrations. Take graduation for example. We like to gather those who helped us get there and take some time to appreciate both the[...]  

Keep It Personal: How to Personalize Corporate Events

by Brenna Adkins , March 23rd, 2023

With trends, timing is everything. If your timing is off, you can miss it completely, and when it comes to events, that may give the wrong impression to your attendees. Similarly, if you’re utilizing[...]  

Top Tips for Handling HCP Compliance at Pharmaceutical Events

by Shelley Huez , March 16th, 2023

The attendee audience is always a major element of the event planning process. In planning pharmaceutical events in particular, the attendee list is a major driver of the overall program design.[...]  

Are You Prepared for Metaverse Events?

by Melissa Patruno March 09th, 2023

The metaverse has gone from science fiction to reality in our lifetime. While it still doesn’t quite look like what we see in the movies, it’s certainly evolving quickly. That means you should expect[...]  

Celebrating International Women's Day

by Melanie Maddock & Shea Paredes March 08th, 2023

Show Notes In this episode, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with our talent and culture team's Melanie Maddock and Shea Paredes! As a 90% female company in a female-dominated industry, we[...]  

Why a CEO Spotlight Is Important for Your Franchise Conference

by Rameka Jennings March 02nd, 2023

Because franchises can give entrepreneurs a leg up, they create excitement; potential business owners aren’t starting from scratch. They are buying into a brand, a reputation, and a shared vision.[...]  

Four Travel Technology Trends from CES

by Melissa Patruno , February 23rd, 2023

As most of you know, one of tech’s largest events occurred last month, and I was able to join the over 115,000 attendees to experience CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. While there were[...]  

Understanding the Unique Needs of Pharmaceutical Meetings

by Shelley Huez , February 16th, 2023

Every event has nuance. Every event has specific needs. Every event does not, however, have unique needs related to regulatory compliances and the need to adapt event experiences based on who an[...]  

Five Tips for Collaborating With Other Corporate Event Planners

by Devin Carver February 09th, 2023

The events industry is one of moving parts. From the moment an organization commits to hosting an event, countless wheels begin spinning, and every aspect needs to work together at the same time.[...]  

Event Trends We Love in 2023

by Rob Adams February 02nd, 2023

Events are back in full swing! 2022 saw a marked difference from the past few years when the pandemic and continuing safety concerns caused in-person event numbers to plummet as the use of virtual[...]  

Event Activation Insights from Adobe MAX

by Julie Hynek , , January 26th, 2023

Several of our associates love and use Adobe Creative Cloud literally every day. It’s an amazing platform that provides software tools for graphic design, video editing, web development, and[...]  

Understanding the Pharmaceutical Meeting Landscape

by Amber Heintz , January 19th, 2023

From the outside, a meeting looks like a meeting. People in suits or business casual filtering from room to room, attending sessions, networking over coffee, and congregating for meals to discuss the[...]  

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