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Destination Marketing Organization Spotlight: Destination Canada

by Brenna Adkins July 18th, 2024

When it comes to destination events, we know a thing or two about where to go and what to do. As event planners, we at Bishop-McCann strive to ensure our recommendations will make your next incentive[...]  

Incentive Travel Program Design: Key Findings from the 2024 IRF Report

by Justin Myers , , July 02nd, 2024

Planning an incentive trip without researching your attendees’ preferences and understanding their ideal destinations is like navigating a maze blindfolded. While you might eventually reach your[...]  

How Destination Marketing Organizations Add Value to Incentive Programs

by Justin Myers , June 06th, 2024

Dreaming of crafting the ultimate incentive trip experience for your top performers? This is a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with your destination. That, of course, is why research[...]  

Creating JOY Through Incentive Travel: Key Strategies and Trends

by Justin Myers , June 04th, 2024

Show Notes With more than 15 years of experience leading incentive travel programs, Justin Myers discusses the evolving incentives landscape. Utilizing insights from our strategic partnership with[...]  

The Power of Integrating Health and Wellness Activities Into Events

by Brenna Adkins , , May 16th, 2024

It’s no secret that the idea of healthier and more mindful living is on the rise. Incorporating balance into daily work life is becoming more and more important to minimize stress and maximize[...]  

Employee Recognition Trends: What's New and Effective in 2024

by Justin Myers , April 25th, 2024

Are your employee recognition events all starting to look or feel too similar? Same venues? Same menus? Same swag? If you’ve been holding the same employee recognition events for years, then it’s[...]  

Planning for Corporate Social Responsibility Events in 2024

by Devin Carver , April 11th, 2024

CSR. By now, you’ve seen this abbreviation for corporate social responsibility pop up somewhere— and for good reason. Now, more than ever, it’s important for organizations to be socially conscious,[...]  

Amp Up Event Branding with Nine Creative Environmental Branding Ideas

by Julie Hynek , , , March 29th, 2024

Imagine attendees embarking on a journey of creativity, innovation, and brand immersion as soon as they enter an event. We here at Bishop-McCann are constantly looking for ways to turn a guest’s[...]  

Navigating Common Misconceptions of Incentive Travel

by Brenna Adkins , February 29th, 2024

Exotic destinations. Live music and performances. Meals crafted and plated by Michelin-starred chefs. Excursions to historic sites. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You might have heard about these[...]  

Giving Back During Incentive Travel Programs (and Why It Matters)

by Brenna Adkins , , January 04th, 2024

Embarking on an incentive travel journey is not just about escaping the daily grind; it's an opportunity to discover new parts of the world and develop an appreciation for different cultures. In[...]  

The Benefits of Recurring Incentive Travel Programs

by Devin Carver , , December 07th, 2023

Everyone loves a reward. Whether it be a shout-out during a meeting or a thank you card in the mail, it’s always nice to be recognized for your work. These are small ways to show appreciation, but[...]  

How Swag Bags Can Help Enhance Incentive Travel Programs

by Brenna Adkins , , November 22nd, 2023

When navigating the landscape of corporate culture, the power of appreciation extends beyond mere acknowledgment. One powerful tool in a company’s arsenal to show gratitude for a job well done is an[...]  

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