by Bishop-McCann , , April 26th, 2017


Bishop-McCann Event Apps & Meeting Apps

It’s no secret that Bishop-McCann is constantly keeping up with technology. So, our ability to incorporate that technology into special events and corporate meetings in order to boost attendee experience through simpler messaging systems shouldn’t be a secret either.

Nowadays, there really is a mobile application for just about anything, so here at Bishop-McCann, we like to make sure your corporate event or meeting is a part of the vast mobile app world.

A mobile app will take your event to the next level and further connect with your attendees.

Seem too good to be true? Let us break down the possibilities for you.

Personalized Agendas

No need to waste paper or money creating agenda handouts when you can put everything in the pockets of your attendees. By creating an in-app agenda, attendees can easily sort information by session track, date and time to create and follow their personalized agendas.

Content Management System

No matter who you are or what your event is, having a seamless content management system is crucial. Our CMS allows you to easily upload Excel files with all the information you need in your app. Even better: changes are easy to make and update in the app within moments.

Speaking of immediate updates, our CMS allows corporate event planners like you to see real time information and allows adjustments to things such as room size or agenda change notifications.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In-app sponsorship opportunities are a win-win situation for both organizers and sponsors. Sponsors and exhibitors can receive direct exposure to the attendees, and creating app-sections designed for sponsors or promoted posts that put content at the top of the user’s activity feed emphasizes the spotlight on those specific sponsors. Doing this provides a new channel for sponsors to communicate value with attendees and allows you to generate additional revenue.

In terms of turning sponsorship opportunities into a type of game or employing a reward system, an app can incentivize attendees to visit specific exhibitors or sponsors with custom virtual badges or points that play into something like a virtual scavenger hunt. This increases excitement for app usage and leads to more exposure for sponsors.

Polling & Surveys

Through an app’s live polling capabilities, a special event speaker can empower the audience too by allowing them to interact in real time, also allowing the speaker to build an even stronger connection with those audience members. By keeping the survey opportunity at the top of the activity fed in the app, it’s one of the first things users see and interact with, increasing completion rates.

Also, by providing a reward or point system for completing a poll or survey with an end opportunity to receive something, users are incentivized to complete what you need them to in a timely and effective manner.

Promoted & Push Messaging

With attendees heading to the mobile apps for rewards, checking in and consulting their agendas, the app turns into the perfect platform to promote or push certain messages or content. Think about adding images or messages to an activity feed for a specific time. These messages can be scheduled in advance and linked to a survey, other app content or web URL.

Showcase Exhibitors

Any corporate event with exhibitors looking for a more powerful lead generation tool should look no further than mobile apps. Not only will an app offer stronger brand visibility, it also has the capability to generate higher quality leads.  This is accomplished by creating promotional offers that are delivered in the app through targeted offers resulting in additional traffic of the physical booth or space at the corporate event.

Using an app also eliminates a huge chunk of hassle by offering unlimited lead scanning, immediate lead qualification, anytime access to leads and the ability to measure the staff at the physical booth

App usage also allows showcase exhibitors to quantify the number of attendees interested in a targeted offer, even if they never visited the actual booth. Hosts can provide detailed metrics to exhibitors so they can make the most of their sponsorship, justify their event spend and renew on the spot...and you generate revenue for yourself.

Cross Platform Reach

No need to be team iPhone OR team Android. Working with us and creating apps means any attendee using either an iPhone OR an Android can access the app (HTML 5 is used for other smart devices). By creating an app that is accessible for anyone, regardless of their preferred operating system, all attendees can participate and access the content in the app.


Communication is the reason events exist. They offer a possibility to connect with other people and gain a new experience, knowledge or both. Using a mobile app with us for your next event can allow attendees to have exclusive conversations with each other through private messaging within the application.

Networking through an app also allows attendees to share opinions of an event or session through comments and likes in an activity feed. Users also can upload photos and tag other users in messages as well. To encourage use of in-app networking, a point or reward system for commenting, checking in or liking is encouraged.


While these qualities seem great, as the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink."

So how do you make the horse drink? Welcome emails, daily digest emails and game days.

Start by letting your attendees know about the app by sending an email from the CMS to invite them to download the app. Follow up by sending automatically generated emails at midday and end of day showing popular app content and recommending who to follow/engage with. Finally, keep up
with everyone using the app by creating a multi-screen immersive experience showing popular updates, photos and a leaderboard reminding attendees to download the app. Provide a ticker reminding attendees of the next session, or the next time their content could appear on the board, giving them a satisfying 15 minutes of fame.


Do you think these capabilities are fascinating but you are still craving more? We get it, which is why working with you to provide app extras is an opportunity we also offer! These extras are perfect for clients that want to directly increase mobile app downloads and engagement.

With extras like custom game-like strategies (think achievements and scavenger hunts), iBeacon RFIDs, promotional videos, website landing pages, mobile app download emails and banner ads, the possibilities are endless.

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