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Today, there truly is an application for just about anything, so it’s not surprising to learn that many Americans are spending more than four hours a day on a mobile device. With smart technology and pre-programmed automation, so many tasks can be done without lifting a finger. The constant stream of new technological innovations doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, and event apps are proving to be a vital part of corporate and incentive travel events.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you learn more about attendees while providing them with vital information, then event apps are the way to go. With this event tech, planners can learn more about their guests while ensuring they stay engaged and informed throughout the program. But, how exactly can event apps achieve this? And what difference can an event app make for future events? 


Why You Need to Focus on Audience Experience

Life as we know it is tied to technology, so events need to incorporate the tools attendees are already accustomed to. Enter event apps.

Within one app, event organizers can communicate with attendees, gather guest information, and provide unique engagement opportunities to craft an inviting and interactive event experience. It’s worth highlighting that a positive attendee experience is a seamless one. On event apps, guests can find personalized itineraries, venue information, and event maps – everything they need at their fingertips. 

Take the check-in process for example. Large crowds and long lines are never a good way to start an event. But event planners can avoid this with remote check-in capabilities through their event app. Additionally, event organizers can glean information regarding session attendance thanks to the event app.

Similarly, event apps that promote positive attendee experiences typically have ripple effects down the road. For example, when apps simplify attendees finding what they need, they can avoid frustrating roadblocks. Something as simple as having the wrong room listed on a map can dampen an experience. But when events are executed seamlessly, attendees are more likely to engage with one another, deepening their connections and promoting more collaborative teamwork when returning to work after the event. 

10 Ways Event Apps Contribute to Corporate Event Experiences

Without specialized event apps, planners will face greater communication and execution challenges during corporate events. How will you share event updates? How will attendees know where to go? How will you keep track of attendee registration and contact information? Event apps solve many of these issues, and they benefit both attendees and planners alike. 

Personalized Agendas

No need to waste paper or money creating printed agendas when you can put everything in the pockets of your attendees. By creating an in-app agenda, attendees can easily sort information by session track, date, and time to create and follow their personalized agendas.

Content Management System

No matter who you are or what your event is, having a seamless content management system (CMS) is crucial. An event app with CMS features allows you to upload Excel files with all the information you need. Even better, changes are easy to make and update in the app within moments. Plus, with an event app that allows you to see real-time information you can effortlessly make adjustments, including room changes for sessions or agenda alterations.


Sponsorship Opportunities

In-app sponsorship opportunities are a win-win for both organizers and sponsors. For sponsors and exhibitors, the direct exposure to attendees is a huge benefit. Additionally, app sections can be designed with sponsor information and can include promoted posts that put content at the top of the user’s activity feed, emphasizing the spotlight on specific sponsors. Doing this provides a new channel for them to communicate value with attendees and allows you to generate additional revenue.

You can also elevate sponsorship opportunities by employing a reward system in which you can incentivize attendees to visit specific booths utilizing virtual badges or points. This increases excitement for app usage and leads to more exposure for sponsors.

Polling & Surveys

By harnessing a live polling feature within the app, event speakers can empower the audience to engage in real-time interaction, thus strengthening their connection with attendees. Additionally, surveys can be sent through the app to gain insights on which are being received well and which may need to be updated. By keeping the survey opportunity at the top of the activity feed in the app, it will be one of the first things users see and interact with, increasing completion rates. With this data, event planners can use their findings (such as attendee preferences) to make improvements the next time around. 

Also, by providing a reward or point system for completing a poll or survey, users are incentivized to complete them in a timely and effective manner. With more event data, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions and boost your event ROI.

Lead Capture

Event apps can help you gather information about attendees, beyond just polls and surveys. When registering for an event through the app, guests will need to provide information, like their name and email address. This is a great way to find new contacts, especially as businesses lean away from cookies as a way to gather data. With new leads, you can easily follow up with guests about their impressions of the event and offer them new insights that might be relevant to them. 

Promoted & Push Messaging

With attendees heading to the mobile app to get rewards, check in, and consult their agendas, the app is the perfect platform to promote or push certain messages or content. Think about adding images or messages to an activity feed for a specific time. These messages can be scheduled in advance and linked to a survey, other app content, or a web URL.

Showcase Exhibitors

Any corporate event with exhibitors looking for a more powerful lead generation tool should look no further than mobile apps. Not only will an app offer stronger brand visibility, but it can also generate higher-quality leads. This is accomplished by creating promotional offers that are delivered in the app through targeted offers, resulting in additional traffic to the physical booth or space at the corporate event.

Using an app also eliminates complications by offering unlimited lead scanning, immediate lead qualification, and access to leads. App usage also allows showcase exhibitors to quantify the number of attendees interested in a targeted offer, even if they never visited the actual booth. Hosts can provide detailed metrics to exhibitors, so they get the most out of their sponsorship and justify their event spend. 


No need to be team iPhone or team Android when it comes to event apps. Many are designed with both operating systems in mind, meaning these tools are accessible to anyone, regardless of the device they own. 

Besides the device itself, many apps are equipped with digitally accessible features, such as read-aloud capabilities, text sizing, and color options to help distinguish between hard-to-see colors. These features mean that event apps can be tailored to suit individual needs and abilities

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Communication is the reason events exist. They offer the possibility to connect with other people and gain new experiences, knowledge, or in many instances, both. Using a mobile event app for your next event can allow attendees to have conversations with each other through private messaging within the application.

Networking through an app also allows attendees to share opinions of an event or session through comments and likes in an activity feed. Additionally, users can upload photos and tag other users in messages as well. To encourage the use of in-app networking, you can once again employ a point or reward system for commenting, checking in, or liking content.


While these qualities seem great, as the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink." So how do you get your attendees to actually utilize your app? Welcome emails, daily digest emails, and gamification.

Introduce your attendees to the app by sending an email to invite them to download the app. Follow up by sending automatically generated emails showing popular app content and recommending who to follow or connect with. Finally, let your audience know that if they download the app, they’ll be able to stay updated through popular features, photos, and a leaderboard. Provide a ticker reminding attendees of the next session or the next time their content could appear on the board.

Use Event Apps to Your Advantage

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to event app uses. With almost seven billion smartphones worldwide and about 81% smartphone usage in the United States, it’s a no brainer to incorporate this technology into your corporate event plans. 

From gamification to networking, event apps are the way to go for effective management and organization of conferences. Not only does an app provide unique engagement options for attendees, but event planners can also uncover valuable insights about guest preferences and behaviors throughout a corporate event. 

In the palm of your hands lies an agenda, a survey, a venue map, and a social media platform, all customized to your corporate event. The team at Bishop-McCann is ready to help you make the most out of apps for your next conference or corporate event. To get started and learn more about event technology, reach out to our team today!

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