How to Create the Most Impactful Sponsorship Packages

by Bishop-McCann , , April 27th, 2017

Do you want to create the perfect corporate event, with the perfect brand experience, on the perfect budget? Of course you do, which is why that’s not the real question. The real question is how?
Now that you have the question, let us tell you the answer: Sponsorship dollars.

If your company is in a position where you’re being asked to do more with less funds, sponsorship is a key component that will help you subsidize the perfect corporate event.

So now that you know the short answer, let’s dive into how to create and leverage the best brand experience for the sponsor without increasing your budget.

It’s important to keep a couple of things in mind when trying to maximize sponsorship potential:

  • The experience you provide is beneficial to both the attendees and Sponsors want a brand experience other than having a representative sit at a 6-foot table in a hotel foyer or a simple name mention on a registration website.
  • Sponsorship Tailoring is key: What may work for sponsor A may not work for sponsor B so it’s important to dedicate someone who can work with the needs of the sponsor’s brand to leverage engagement and overall experience for the attendee.

To guide you through creating the best experience for your sponsors and
attendees at your next event, we offer a simple guide that we call the
four C’s approach:


As you begin the early stages of corporate event planning, identify what about your special event or your vision will entice vendors or partners to buy into a sponsorship. What sets your corporate event, your product or your company apart and how will their brand integrate into that overall vision.


Keep your eye on the prize…the prize being a low cost, flawless event in addition to making your sponsors feel like they received white glove attention along the way. Make sure to incorporate high-touch service from beginning to end for the sponsor, whether it be daily communication or dedicating staff on-site to all of their logistical needs.  There is nothing worse than having an unhappy sponsor who felt like they weren’t valued.  The days of handing over a floor plan and saying, “Thanks for your support” are over.  Make sure you are providing the attention to detail that they deserve. This way, vendors or partners will have the best experience on-site and will want to continue partnering with you for future corporate events.


You’re planning a special event to connect with people, so why not do the same in the corporate event planning process? Working with a partner or vendor to tailor sponsorship packages that leverage their brand will make it easier to pull in those extra dollars to help fund the event. To achieve a comfortable level of collaboration, make sure your product or service pitch to the sponsors meshes with the needs of those potential partners to avoid sounding boring or generic. The days of “Platinum, Gold and Silver” Sponsorship packages are over.  You would never go into a sales pitch without finding out the needs of the customer, why do the same with your potential sponsors?

Cold-Hard Cash!

When implementing the first three C’s, keep in mind your end result: bringing in the money. Stay focused on generating maximum sponsorship dollars to subsidize event spending.

Have you started thinking about planning and funding your next corporate event? Follow our four C’s to better sponsorship funding and learn more about what Bishop-McCann can do for you in terms of event logistics!

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