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No one knows when disaster is going to strike, but when it does, it can hit hard. People plan to be at a specific event at a particular time, but extreme weather can throw a big wrench in all of that— our team has seen it firsthand.

We had two programs scheduled in Florida when Hurricane Irma decided to hit the state. Our clients were counting on us for all event logistics including air travel, program management, and making sure their event continued as planned, and our team was enthusiastic about making sure they had no reason to doubt anything.

Our team rerouted nearly 1,000 flights and 1,000 hotel rooms for two meetings from Miami to Las Vegas in only four days’ time.

Amber Heintz, Account Director for Bishop-McCann, helped ensure that we were able to follow through on our promise. “My role was to gather the appropriate individuals and clients to ensure everything was covered. It was about all-hands-on-deck assisting where the immediate needs were.” Amber made sure client approvals were handled quickly to make sure that all questions from every person were answered.

Everyone put their heads down and barreled through the enormous amount of work that we needed to complete in just four days. Our President/CEO had this to say about the Irma relocation experience:

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“When you think about what happened in Irma, and think about what we did as a company, I think about what a significant month September was for Bishop-McCann. And since I’ve been at the company, it certainly has been one of the more memorable moments for me. The joy that I have of my role is that I get a chance to see the possibilities; see the things that some people may think are impossible, and see the impossibilities become possible.

“The air team rebooked over 1,000 tickets, and did it with a smile the entire time; the sourcing team relocated a program within 24 hours with over 1,000 hotel rooms; it was incredible.

“Bishop-McCann pulled closer together and everyone supported each other. Most importantly, we were able to deliver a fantastic, classic Bishop-McCann style event within four days’ time. If that’s not professionalism at its finest, I don’t know what is. And I couldn’t be prouder.”

The hearts and minds of the Bishop-McCann team go out to those who were affected by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and all disasters within the US. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you rebuild and recover.

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