by Brenna Adkins , June 15th, 2021


It’s been over a year since the pandemic began, and we've been busy. Thinking about all the obstacles we had to overcome (and the entire industry!) has us feeling proud. From our team’s hard work and determination, some pretty incredible outcomes occurred.


48,000+ Attendees Reached

We've created JOY for over 48,000 attendees. Knowing the challenges we had to face in order to reach this number, we are so proud of our team and the impact they made. Though connections may have been made through a screen rather than in person, we loved being able to connect with people from all over the world! 

61 Virtual Programs Produced

We've produced 61 virtual events since the beginning of the pandemic. With virtual  programs, we learned how to create the most memorable experiences possible, even without the attendees being in the same room. Despite having successfully pivoted to virtual events, we're more than ready for the live events' comeback! 

167 Live Programs Sourced

We've conducted sourcing for 167 live events. With the vaccine rollout and more people feeling comfortable getting out of the house, we are already seeing an increase in travel and a need for sourcing. While we've loved producing virtual events, we can't wait to create more live programs. Here we come 2022!

10+ Virtual Platforms Utilized

We've executed events on over 10 virtual platforms. After researching hundreds of options, we consider ourselves experts on the best virtual platforms for our clients. We take the time to ensure that the platform we select fits for each program and its specific needs.

500+ Virtual Training Hours Completed

We've spent over 500 hours training on virtual and hybrid meetings, leadership and event strategy, and on-site COVID strategy. With the rise in virtual events, we knew that our associates had to be well-equipped to take on the new challenges they now faced. Our team put in the hours in order to create incredible experiences!

45 Certifications Earned

We've acquired 45 certifications and accreditations. At Bishop-McCann, we encourage continuing education to make sure we are able to provide the expertise our clients deserve. Our associates are always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow in order to keep up with the ever-changing industry!

13 Consecutive Years on CMI 25

We were honored to be included on the CMI 25 list for the 13th consecutive year. CMI 25 is MeetingsNet's list of the largest, most influential third-party meeting planning companies in the country. We are ready to make it 14 consecutive years! 

350 BackSnacks Donated

We've packed 350 BackSnacks, backpacks full of nutritious food for schoolchildren to take home on the weekends, for Harvesters--The Community Food Network in Kansas City. Knowing that food insecurity has increased because of the pandemic, we loved giving back to those who needed it most. 

7,500+ Gift Boxes Delivered

We created a sister gifting company, Eventure, that's packed more than 7,500 event gift boxes since October. That's over 7,500 attendees who had JOY delivered right to their doors!

Though the pandemic brought obstacles we never could have expected, we are so grateful to have faced these challenges head-on and grown in the process. Thank you to all of our clients who stuck with us through this difficult time. We couldn't have continued creating JOY without you!

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