Transform Your Event with Bishop-McCann’s Exclusive “Ofactor” Insights Survey Platform for Corporate Meetings & Events

So, we’ve rolled out “Ofactor” technology; what does that mean? The Ofactor organization was founded in 2014 to help businesses increase employee and company performance and to engineer high-trust, high-performance cultures. Ofactor provides survey solutions based on the work of co-founder Dr. Paul Zak.

Dr. Paul Zak is a neuroscientist whose 13 years of research reveals how high-trust cultures accelerate performance and success within companies. Through work in the lab and the field, Dr. Paul Zak’s analysis demonstrated empirically how greater trust within organizations leads to better organizational performance.

The “O” in Ofactor indicates a focus on oxytocin; the chemical foundation for trusting others that Paul's lab was among the first to discover. From this understanding of how the “trust molecule” works in the brain, policies have been identified that leaders can use to empower employees to excel and, at the same time, hold them accountable for their decisions.

By using Ofactor technology, Bishop-McCann can measure organizational trust levels before and after critical meetings and corporate events and identify specific behaviors by leaders and managers that produce higher job satisfaction and less stress among employees and customers. Bishop-McCann is the first to measure trust in the meetings and corporate events industry to prove ROI.

Find out more by downloading our white paper here and attending our webinar.

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