Bishop-McCann Mission: We Create Joy!

Behind every company is a mission, a vision, and a set of values. While these are three separate entities, here at Bishop-McCann, all three play a part succeeding at the ultimate goal: true success in creating joy.

True success is not only making sure our clients are happy…it’s making sure we go above and beyond set expectations to ensure clients are thrilled with the experience we provide for them. It’s making sure we create a work atmosphere for our employees that is warm and welcome. It’s making sure we’re creating joy for all parties involved with us. That’s why our mission is to create joy!

But how do we do that? Our vision helps explain: we aim to be the agency partner our clients can’t imagine living without. This means we’re constantly innovating, learning and growing with our clients and staff to create once-in-a-lifetime-experiences that our clients seek.

Our values help guide us to creating those perfect experiences:

Impact: We think outside of the box and go beyond the conventional boundaries to drive results for clients, attendees and our community.

Curiosity: A little curiosity can go a long way, which is why we’re constantly asking, listening and learning every day. We learn because we dare to dream.

Playfulness: While we take what we do very seriously, it’s important to laugh and keep things fun and light. Fun is at the root of every event, so we make sure to have fun and live our best lives every day so we know how to incorporate it for our clients.

Synergy: There are so many moving parts to meeting and corporate event planning, which is why it’s important that everyone is always on the same page. By creating a harmony through teamwork within our organization and with our clients, the results of this combined talent is only success.

Inclusion: Love is the most important ingredient to any group unit. We’re a family at the end of the day—our employees, clients and community are the things we hold closest to us. Everyone is valued, appreciated and celebrated for who they are, no matter what.

Our mission, vision and values work in harmony to define who we are. We’re creators of joy. We try our best to be our best for everyone we interact with. We’re a family.

Join our mission, vision, and values today. Join the Bishop-McCann family!

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