by Rob Adams , , November 07th, 2017


Stop obsessing over engagement. Trust is the new holy grail.

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Engagement may be the big buzzword right now, but if all you’re doing is engaging attendees by entertaining them with a keynote speaker or event app game, you’re just building a happy memory. Not a real connection to the host company.

Rob Adams, President and CEO of corporate event management company, Bishop-McCann says that once he was introduced to research that found that trust and purpose create engagement "I realized that our industry is measuring the wrong thing. Without trust, you’ll never have engagement."

Science-based studies of high-trust organizations show they have higher productivity, lower stress, and a lot more energy. The result? Research shows that employees in high-trust companies are paid more, have higher engagement, and are happier, than in low-trust companies.

As corporate event planners, you are uniquely placed to promote trust, both within your organization and between the organization and its clients, because personal interactions are the bedrock of trust. Our webinar experts will share research into the neuroscience behind trust, and provide practical ways to structure your corporate events to promote trust and boost engagement.

Originally posted on Meetings.Net November 2017 Edition, The TRUST Factor.

Download and read the full article here, and be sure to tune in to the webinar featuring Rob Adams and his research.

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