How Employee Loyalty Programs Are Evolving

by Bishop-McCann July 19th, 2017

Organizations Are Updating Their Loyalty Incentives to Ensure They Speak to the Needs of Today's Workers

July 18, 2017. By Alex Palmer.

The full article can be found on July/August 2017 Edition. Hillary Bamont, director of sales for incentive program and corporate event planning firm Bishop-McCann, sees a growing demand for experiences and emotional impact when it comes to creating a loyalty incentive program for employees.

“Companies are now looking at tapping into the emotions of their employees and what resonates on that level in order to make them feel valued,” she says. “It’s all about the experience and how you made them feel versus the actual object. Don’t get me wrong; it’s human nature to like gifts, but a gift that has thought behind it is even more impactful.”

For some of Bishop- McCann’s clients, that’s meant creating incentive programs that include tailored attention from the executive level. She gives the example of providing those employees who have worked with a company for five years with a personalized luncheon or cocktail reception with the CEO, along with an extra week of paid vacation. For every 10 years, workers are offered an exotic incentive trip — hosted by executives of the company.

“It’s a few days of pampering and one-on-one attention and recognition and the employee goes back to their job feeling refreshed and valued,” says Bamont.

She adds that they have created “once-in-a-lifetime experiences” such as a recent private concert on Alcatraz Island.

“It’s the experience and the fact that you created a once-in-a-lifetime moment that resonates with employees and retains loyalty,” she says. “Employees want to feel valued, especially during economic uncertainty. You can always scale back budgets, but you never want to scale back how you make people feel.”

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