keynote address from corporate leadershipMost of us have a favorite franchise for dining, products, and services. While some franchises have found ways to become obvious choices for these favorites lists, others are eager to persuade customers to consider them among their preferred businesses. But how do you, and your franchise, make that list?

Let’s stop and consider what promotions and offers businesses use to entice you to walk through their doors. What does it take? While finding what will attract your customers and perhaps drive your climb up a “favorites” list is important, franchisors first engage franchisees in order to grow a successful business. Putting a strong support system in place for your franchisees is one of the best methods to build relationships with these business partners.

An important part of this support system is the marketing strategies you will use to ensure you make it on those customer favorites lists. Simply supplying your franchisees with a list of promotions and marketing materials is one way to accomplish this process, but a far more supportive and effective way to introduce promotions is through a franchise conference.

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Franchise Conference Benefits for Franchisees

As a franchisor, attending a franchise convention can be a great way for franchisees to learn more about their business, the industry as a whole, and your brand specifically. Convention sessions can provide valuable information on various topics, such as marketing, operations, and product trends. Sharing best practices and challenges among team members and franchisees in similar markets or situations is invaluable. Networking with fellow franchisees can foster the kind of collaboration and support that build strong franchise teams.

Franchise conventions can also be a great opportunity for franchisees to meet with suppliers and learn about new products and services that may benefit their business. Overall, attending a franchise convention can provide franchisees with insights and knowledge that can help them grow their business.

kevin murphy brand bags from corporate eventHow Franchise Promotions Benefit Franchisees and Boost Your Entire Brand

Franchise promotions can be a great way to increase brand awareness and drive sales for your franchisees. For example, in the 90s, Monopoly was a huge hit for McDonald’s. Often, promotions are an opportunity to co-brand, pulling in fans or followers of one brand and attracting them to another. Regardless, creating exciting and engaging promotions can help your franchisees attract new customers and boost sales.

Promotions can also be a great way to reward your franchisees' hard work and dedication. By offering attractive incentives and rewards, you can encourage your franchisees to continue delivering top-notch service and products.

When it comes to boosting a brand, there is no more effective way to do so than through franchise promotions. By providing incentives and opportunities for franchisees to participate in marketing and advertising initiatives, a brand can generate awareness and excitement that can trickle down throughout the entire system. Much like branded swag, promotions are an opportunity to keep your brand on the mind of consumers, which can translate into a 23% increase in sales.

Additionally, successful franchise promotions can create a sense of community among franchisees, which can lead to increased collaboration and support for the brand. In short, promoting your franchising opportunity through engaging and well-executed promotional campaigns is an excellent way to boost your brand and help your franchisees attract new customers and boost sales.

fireworks launch at a corporate eventHow Your Franchise Conference Can Launch Promotions and Improve Franchisee Engagement

A franchise convention can be a great opportunity to launch a new promotional product. How often is your entire team gathered in one space for you to present a marketing and promotional opportunity to them?

Further, debuting the product at the convention means you’re giving franchisees a sneak peek, as well as a chance to learn more about how it will benefit their business. Even exclusive access to a promotion no one has seen before can help build excitement and buzz, especially if you’ve done your research and chosen a promotion that speaks to the audience you want to attract.

Your franchise convention is also an opportunity to discuss marketing collateral, any services or products that are paired with the promotion, and the ways in which it will be promoted by the franchise itself. Unveiling all of the supporting materials can be exciting. Imagine a slow reveal over the course of the event that hints at the final product. Then, during your leadership keynote, there can be a starring role for the new promotion.

The other advantage here is that you’ve let your team in on the event. You’ve created a communal experience and fostered community. Those kinds of experiences help your franchisees feel both engaged and excited about their business. That engagement translates to success for franchisees and the brand.

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