5 Reasons To Start Using Event Chatbots

by Bishop-McCann , , , December 06th, 2019

Although chatbots have been around for over half a century, only recently have corporate event chatbots become increasingly popular in mainstream media. Arguably the most famous chatbot, Apple's Siri was the first to make chatbots commonplace. Chatbots can help boost the attendee experience by making it easy to ask questions.

Since Facebook launched chatbots for Messenger in 2016, the technology not only became cheaper to manage but also easier to implement. If you are not already using chatbots for your corporate event, here are five reasons why you should start in 2020. 

Millennials Prefer Chatbots Vs. Phone or Email

Over 60% of millennials are already using chatbots. A generation that prefers instant gratification would rather converse with a chatbot for answers than wait for the industry-standard, 24-hour email turnaround. Millennials appreciate the 24/7 availability that only a chatbot can offer (without paying for a call center). Sitting on hold with elevator music playing in the background is not how attendees want to spend their time. 

Event Chatbots Are More Cost Efficient Than Staffing

Chatbots don't take breaks. Chatbots can help multiple customers at the same time, whereas employees have to serve each customer one at a time in a queue. Whenever an employee is working, they are being paid. However, for chatbots, the cost is minimal. 

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Increase Positive Customer Experience

In the corporate event world, attendees want help—typically immediately. The easiest way to increase angst amongst your attendees is by delayed responses. Unmanned live chats and delayed emails/phone call responses are a sure-fire way to decrease positive customer experiences. 

If a customer has a bad experience, they are more likely to tell an average of 22 people about that experience. However, someone with a positive one will only tell nine. Chatbots increase the number of positive experiences for attendees. This is why 80% of consumers are happy with their interactions with chatbots. 

Event Chatbots Free Up the Line

When an attendee calls or emails, they have to be responded to—usually in the order of urgency. However, many attendees ask questions that could be easily resolved by reading content already provided on your site. At Bishop-McCann, our operations team estimates that almost 70% of attendees that contact the help department could find their answers from the registration website. 

Targeted Meeting Research

Tracking attendee communication and time spent is difficult; predicting these items for future events is even more so. Chatbots provide a history of every question asked by attendees and how long they engaged with the event chatbot. This piece of beneficial information can help you create content for the following years that will help address concerns and questions for attendees in the future.