by Amber Heintz , April 19th, 2017


Last month, I attended Pharma Forum, “the most compelling and comprehensive meeting management event for the life sciences industry,” according to CBI’s website.

With hundreds of attendees, the forum converged the ideas of educating, engaging and empowering the attendees to challenge meeting planners to better understand and service the life sciences meeting management industry.

The three-day conference held in Maryland featured three extremely
knowledgeable keynote speakers, audience interactivity, workshops and
multiple opportunities to network and connect with others at the Forum. While the Forum covered a myriad of topics from the global changes of the
industry to achieving a smooth, perfect meeting, I learned a lot and
wanted to share it…hence this blog post!

To make things a little easier to understand, I reflected on everything I learned and broke it down into my top 10 takeaways from the 2017 Pharma Forum. Here they are:

Pharma Forum, meeting management, life sciences

Clearly, there were a lot of great, important things I learned from the conference this year in terms of life science meeting management!

The 2017 Pharma Forum promised to take content, innovation and networking to new heights, and it did just that.

To learn more about CBI’s Pharma Forum and how it serves the life science industry, check out their website.

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