by Brenna Adkins , October 28th, 2021


Our President and Owner Rob Adams was featured in an article in the Kansas City Business Journal entitled, "As in-person events roar back, Bishop-McCann's entrepreneurial mindset pays off" by Leslie Collins. Continue reading to see a preview of the article, and to view the full article, visit the Kansas City Business Journal here

Rob Adams featured in Kansas City Business Journal

When Covid hit Bishop-McCann, "We realized if we didn’t do something dramatic, a company that was 24 years old had the risk of not making it," Rob Adams explained to the Kansas City Business Journal. In an effort to deal with the situation, he asked us to begin incorporating an entrepreneurial mindset into the business. This shift in thinking soon resulted in a demand for more events to be produced, albeit in the virtual realm due to the constraints of the pandemic. The rise in events increased the workload exponentially. “We couldn’t hire people fast enough,” Adams stated. That demand for events has steadily increased as corporations have learned to deal with the new landscape the pandemic created. In fact, Adams believes “our new business pipeline is the healthiest it’s ever been. … We anticipate next year will be Bishop-McCann’s strongest financial year that we’ve had in our 25 years.”

Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset

By challenging employees to embrace this entrepreneurial spirit, a new company was born: Eventure Gifting. The article states that since its inception, Eventure has seen their revenue grow 700%, and our company has made them an official subsidiary. “Even when we go back to live events, we still see Eventure playing a role,” Adams said.

In the article, Adams also touched on our investment in technology and associate training for virtual events. "It’s not just putting a camera in front of a screen and having speakers present. We had to learn how to essentially become broadcasters,” Adams explained.

Future of events

In 2021, 55% of our events were virtual, and 10% were hybrid. Adams states that he believes hybrid events are here to stay. The article also discusses the use of biometric identity verification platforms, which is a tool that we’ve considered utilizing for our events. Due to the fact that large corporations, trendsetters for the industry, are mandating Covid-19 vaccinations, Adams stated, “I believe in the next six months, (vaccine passports) will be a standard.” 

Read Adams' insights in their entirety at the Kansas City Business Journal.

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