Find out who SpeakInc’s 20-year veteran, Tim Mathy, recommends you hire as a keynote speaker for your next meeting! He’s betting these individuals will be a hot commodity. Below is an excerpt from one of his blogs.

I enjoy playing the stock market. In 2018, I hit a few winners, including AAXN—check it out! I also hit a few losers, such as IGT (I thought you were a lock…ugh). My knowledge in this space is iffy or hit and miss at best.

It got me thinking. I really don’t know a lot—not just about stocks but about many things. My wife and kids, especially my 13 year old, remind me of this ALL the time.

With that said, one thing I know more about than the average person is speakers. I book quite a few and have been doing it for over 20 years. So, why not do a hot speaker list for 2019? These speakers are the ones I would bet on increasing their fees in the coming year.

What this list is NOT:

  1. A list of my favorite speakers.
  2. A list of newcomers. Some of the speakers on this list are already established and pricey. Like Amazon, its stock is already high, but it still might be a good buy in 2019.
  3. A list of speakers I am looking to promote. I have no special relationships with these speakers, it is just how I see the market playing out.

Let’s get to it. Here are the 6 speakers, in no particular order. Their current fees vary widely. Click on their names to learn more.

Michelle PolerFear Facer | Researcher | Influencer

David GogginsRetired Navy SEAL | Endurance Athlete

Heather McGowanFuture of Work Strategist | Author

Mick EbelingTechnology Trailblazer |Author |Entrepreneur

Andrew TarvinHumor Engineer

Ben NemtinCo-Creator of MTV's THE BURIED LIFE

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